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DVB / MPEG Solutions

Welcome to the Videotooling.nl website. Through this website you can find various
DVB / MPEG solutions and digital signage products. If you have questions, do not hesitate and feel free to contact us!

About us

Videotooling.nl is the webshop for Dualz Software BV. Dualz Software provides products and services in the field of digital audio and video. DVB/MPEG products in linear broadcasting domain, as well as narrowcasting solutions and digital signage.

SAM is our solution for analysis and monitoring of DVB/MPEG transport streams. The integrated multiviewer displays all channels and is completely scalable and configurable. SAM provides 24x7 measurements and alarm notification. SAM1000 and SAM9000 are available as standalone products as well as software only.

The Mosaic system is a 64 bit IP multiviewer, with features like round robin pages and penalty box. Mosaic1000 and Mosaic9000 systems are available as standalone products as well as software only.

InfoTV is an information system for SMEs based on digital signage.

Dualz Software BV already has more than 20 years experience in software architecture, design and engineering, with main expertise in the field of software development in C ++ and C #, in Microsoft / Windows, as well as in Linux environment, and with specific expertise in digital video,  Qt, DVB, MPEG2 / 4, H.264, Dektec DTAPI, Blackmagic decklink, Magewell and DirectShow.